Midwest Drummer names new titleholders

CHICAGO — Midwest Drummer held it’s second contest at Chicago’s Jackhammer bar on Sept. 22. Brandon Gentry of Chicago took home the Midwest Drummer title and Pup Bayard won Midwest Drummerboy.

Regional LGBTQ orgs react to new “religious liberty” guidance

ST. LOUIS — LGBTQ organizations in the Midwest have reacted to Attorney General Jeff Sessions issuing guidance to “protect religious liberty in a broad, yet vague, guidance memo that critics fear could give people of faith — including government workers and contractors — a loophole to ignore federal bans on discrimination against women and LGBT people.”


CHICAGO – If you live in Chicago or are close enough to get here NOV 2, 2012 and fit the following: VESPERTINE CHICAGO is open to all women and transfolk 18 years of age or older. If you are a woman, you identify as a woman and live your daily life as a woman or…

Vendors at DARK Weekend

DETROIT – Ok, it’s a bit later than we’d hoped, but here is our vendor lineup for DARK weekend. All vendors will be set up Friday evening from 6PM on and on Saturday from 11AM till about 6PM. ColorWraps by Fetvest– Plastic wraps, fire blankets, vet wrap, vinyl tape and much more! Just4Us Bookstore (Ferndale,…

Where The Bears Are – Episode 18 BEARNAPPED

Wood sets out in search of Reggie unaware that he has been kidnapped by Ramon (Mario Sanchez) and his two goons Hulk and Thor, who want to trade him for some dangerous evidence that could send Santiago to prison.



Windy City Boys Troop Bar Night

CHICAGO – Hey Everyone, September is done and October is here the. You know what that means?Its time to head on down to Jackhammer and meet with the Boys. Jackhammer is located at 6406 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60626. Conveniently located at the corner of Clark and Devon.If your taking the CTA, You can…

Vote or Die?

As much as activists get noticed there is something that every person can do that has the potential of changing society, voting! I encourage all of my viewers to register to vote and on November 6, 2012 to let your voice be heard. Stand up and be counted!



Where The Bears Are – Episode 17 A BEAR IN NEED

Wood (Joe Dietl) tries talking his way out of a whole lot of trouble when Ramon (Mario Sanchez) catches him with the combination to his safe written on his hand. Meanwhile, Reggie (Rick Copp) gets grabbed by Ramon’s thug Thor (Jesse Meli).



Update from the Midwest Puppy Contest

From http://www.midwestleatherweekend.com ST. LOUIS – It’s a bad news, good news morning – Mistress Joanne sadly cannot make it to the Midwest Puppy Contest to judge but the good news is that Sir Joe one of the founders of the International Puppy Contest – Tampa will be taking her place! It’s going to be a…